Eat Clean To Get Lean


Long boring cardio sessions, back to back cardio and spin classes and no results. What am I doing wrong? This is a common question heard by most Matrix trainers. The answer is add in some strength training to build lean muscle which will speed up your metabolism and a healthy meal plan to get all the proper nutrients. Don't worry were not suggesting another crazy fad diet but sensible eating to permanently lose pounds for good.



Rule # 1 Eat Natural Foods 

The basic guide lines is to eat foods in their natural state, grass-fed and free-range meat, chicken, fish, unsalted nuts and whole fruits and veggies.

Rule # 2 Ditch The Packaged And Boxed Foods

Most packaged foods are processed or chemically altered. Instead of Fig Newton's try fresh figs. It's always better to consume your foods in their most natural state.


Rule # 3 Know What Foods Affect Your Health And Well Being

Read your labels and avoid high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and sugar. Too much of these big 3 no nos have been proven to spike insulin levels, effect your food cravings, cause diabetes, heart disease and cancers. Avoid nitrates, food coloring, and trans fats. These are also proven to cause cancer while trans fats can wreck havoc with your cholesterol levels. Your healthiest choice is to grill or cook your foods with coconut or extra virgin olive oil.

For more info on healthy meal planning contact Matrix Master Trainer/ Nutritionist and Trained Chef Mike Mannai at info@matrixfitnessclub.com or call 718-267-8989 Follow us on Facebook for Supermarket tour dates and healthy eating and food preparation seminars where you can try Mike's food creations.

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