Reasons to drink more water today!


We’ve all heard how we should drink more water. The main reason for drinking water daily is to replace fluid loss from activities, especially when you’re working out. Our bodies lose a lot of fluid through sweat, which is great, but this water needs to be replaced.

Below are a few of the added benefits from staying hydrated.

1. Headache Prevention

Dehydration causes normal body function to decrease and results in headaches. Drinking more water will keep you hydrated and assist with keeping those headaches at bay.

2. Prevents memory loss

A natural part of getting older is memory loss, but one way to fight it is by drinking more water. Water boosts the energy needed to keep your brain active and an active brain remembers better for longer!

3. Lessens addictive urges

If you absolutely need those three cups of coffee a day to keep you going, then it might be a sign to introduce some more water into your day. By replacing coffee or soft drinks with water, your body is still receiving its usual amount of fluids, but without the negative side effects of caffeine or sugar.

4. Cleanses toxins

Not just referring to toxic waste chemicals, but the general toxins and waste that your body produces throughout each day. Water encourages the toxins to break down and pass through your body much easier.

5. Increases muscle function

The heart, brain and lungs are all organs that we rely on for life and they rely on muscles. Water increases the efficiency of red blood cells carrying Oxygen to our muscles and therefore increases muscle performance.

6. Boosts metabolism

Drinking water keeps your metabolism busy and running smoothly.

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