Simela Kosmidis Transformation Story

simella kosmidis

Never in my life did I ever pass 145 pounds. But then life happens, and sometimes you change. About a year ago, I was prescribed a medication, that one of its side effects was weight gain. I wasn't too concerned because I never experienced any side effect before from any medication. This time though I did. It made me balloon up to 183 pounds.

I was so depressed because whatever I tried to do to lose weight wasn't working for me. That was until I signed up to Matrix Fitness Club and a personal trainer, Hicham. He taught me the proper way to diet, and pushed me on my workouts. Even when I thought there was a specific exercise I couldn't do, his confidence in me made me able to push myself to do things I didn't know my body could do! I now weigh 148 pounds, losing a total of 35 pounds, and I'm also down to 22% body fat from the 34% I used to be.

Joining Matrix Fitness Club, and having a personal trainer was the best decision of my life.

Thanks to Hicham and his kindness, patience and intense workout I'm finally comfortable again in my own skin. It was definitely not easy, but so worth it. #matrixfitnessclub #astoriagym #motivation #fitnessjourney #fitfam #fitgirls #inspiration #gymlife #goals

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