Split Squat Progression


Squats and Dead-lifts are known as the kings of exercise. Rightfully so , but single-leg exercises have a huge carryover to performance. They enable you to find and correct imbalances that will decrease injury risk and enhance performance.

The problem is were do we begin. It is challenging and many times the person is not ready for the given exercise. One popular exercise for example is the lunge. While a very good exercise, it is often butchered. The split-squat progression will allow you to progress at your own level and become proficient at lunges.  The split-squat will teach you how to maintain neutral pelvis and improve kinesthetic awareness.



1. Set-up - set up in a 90/90 lunge. Feet shoulder width apart, step backwards and go down to floor.

2. Back-leg - drive big toe into the ground to help activate glutes. Squeeze glute as tight as if you are driving the leg forward.

3- front leg - feel your hip crease drive you bacK shin tight and drive your hip backwards. The backwards drive of your front hip and the forward drive of your back hip will keep your pelvis in nuetral.

4. Hand of back leg will be on back of head while setting your blades. This will help activate your core. If your knee buckles in, look into glute medius activation.


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