Strength Training Can Make Everyday Tasks Easier

Strength Training Can Make Everyday Tasks Easier

As if you needed any more reasons to get into strength training. The feeling of empowerment, improvements to other areas of your training and its fat loss benefits were already enough to have us hooked - but functional strength training can translate into your everyday life in ways you might not have even thought of.

Here are some examples:

Playing with your kids and grand childern

As we get older, many of us complain of stiff joints, immobility and tight muscles - not to mention just a lack of general cardiovascular fitness. All of these things create a barrier when it comes to carrying out our daily chores and activities, but we get by. We adapt, we figure out ways of making things easier. We take the elevator instead of the stairs, we park closer to the supermarket and we store things where they’re easily accessible.

But when it comes to looking after the kids, there’s no hiding. They want to jump around, play games and all for a really long time. Their energy levels seem to never decline. We on the other hand? Not so much.

Anyone who’s ever looked after kids can attest to the fact that they can be exhausting. So make it that bit easier on yourself by training to keep up with them. You body will be better equipped when lifting them up, running around after them and simply running, skipping and jumping around... for hours... and hours.

Going about your day

There are certain exercises we do during weights sessions, and other strength focused workouts that translate directly into our daily lives. By performing compound lifts that involve using several muscle groups at once, you are essentially getting fit for life.

It’s true, carrying your shopping bags home will become a breeze. But so will getting up and down from your sofa and walking up the stairs at home. This stuff will all get significantly easier with moves like deadlifts, squats and lunges. If you’re stronger in the gym, you’re stronger all the time.

Pay close attention to your form when working out will work wonders in keeping you free from injuries. But what about those times when you least expect your body to give out?

It’s often when you’re rushing around with a lot on your mind, picking things up off the floor and making sudden movements that the body is caught off guard. But by ensuring our stabilizing muscles are in order, our mind-body connection and reaction rates are sharp and our backs are strong - we are preparing our bodies to ward off injury all the times and not just when we’re at the gym.

Focusing a little more on strength training as well as cardio, flexibility and endurance can be an important addition to your workout routine. 

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