Antonio Decaro's Transformation Story


"Today is the 1 yr anniversary of the day I [Antonio Decaro] decided to change my life forever and go for my weight loss surgery. Just so you people know, the surgery isn't an answer but a tool.

I still work hard everyday to maintain my weight and I work out consistently. I started at 308 lbs and am now down to 193. Although I have hit a plateau with actual pounds loss I have dropped almost 10% body fat since starting the gym [Matrix Fitness Club]. I went from a snug fitting 3xl shirt down to a perfect fit medium. I could not have done it with out the right atmosphere, believe me when I tell you that a quality gym makes all the difference. Discount gyms are just that and are often are a revolving door of people and workers. They often don't have support structures and is not personable at all. Best thing I ever did was join @matrixfitnessclub in Astoria. The staff there is always welcoming and are always around on the gym floor one-on-one with people. If I have a question they are always helpful. You feel like more then a monthly fee and ID tag. Thanks for the help along the way."

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