Damaris Diaz transformation


My name is Damaris Diaz. I am 39, married with 3 kids.

I started working out at Matrix about 9 years ago after having my 2nd child. I knew that I was getting older and had to take care of my body.

I improved my eating habits and started working out 5 times per week. Seeing my body change made me fall in love with fitness. I took all types of classes, kickboxing, spinning, Pilates, and I lifted weights. I admired the female competitors on stage and was motivated by how they transformed their bodies. Competing became a dream for me; I decided to make that dream a reality.


I competed in my first all-natural figure competition on June 25, 2016 and it was an amazing experience! It is never too late to follow your dreams. Living healthier should be a part of everyone's lifestyle.

Thank you!

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