Margarita Pappas Transformation Story


For one to say you have achieved your goal in fitness is ignorance. I started my journey at Matrix fitness club in 2009 after a mentally abusive relationship. After six months of working out I met Herv, one of the best trainers Matrix had to offer.

Through training I grew as a person, in turn that fed my desire to learn more about how health affects not only your physical but mental well being. For eight years now I've been with Herv, deterred only by a herniated disk, constantly striving to improve myself through nutrition and training.

I now realize perfection is attainable, but who wants to be perfect??!! I just want to be a better version of myself than I was in 2009 and today, I am. Perfection is always attainable but consistent results are more achievable and im so proud to have come this far.

I love you Herv, I love the Matrix and it's wonderful staff!! I thank you from The bottom of my heart. I can run climb hike and even dable in Muay Thai and the best part of it is I'm a happy person doing it because I'm doing it for the right reasons!! Who knows what else I can do?!!!

Love Margarita.

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