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Massage & Wellness

Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy

At Matrix Fitness Club massage therapy is an important component of our approach to optimal health.
We recommend regular exercise and balanced nutrition to promote recovery from your workouts. Massage therapy is used for a variety of health related purposes including pain relief, injury rehabilitation, stress reduction, relaxation and aid in general wellness.

Swedish Massage

A combination of massage strokes, alternating pressure and passive muscle stretches are used to ease stress and tension, relieve pain, improve overall mobility, increase general wellness, and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls basic human activities.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue work is a technique used to move through superficial tissue with greater pressure in order to access muscles living deeper within the body. Techniques such as PNF stretching, compression, friction, muscle stripping and myofascial release can be used throughout the entire treatment. When needed, more precise work can also be performed on specific muscle groups or individual muscles.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is designed to focus on the specific muscle groups being targeted along your athletic journey. Targeting specific muscles and/or specific muscle groups frequently in use as a part of your training regimen helps to decrease pain, improve performance and lessen the likelihood of training related injuries -- helping you to perform at your best. This modality uses alternating deep pressures, techniques and stretches.

Range of Motion Massage

Passive Range of Motion (PROM) is an assessment tool used to ascertain soft tissue and joint mobility, flexibility and extensibility, but as a treatment option, has numerous benefits. By passively moving your muscles, joints and limbs into the actions they are intended to do, we can improve mobility of joints, lubricate joint capsules, stretch muscles, break up knots and adhesions, relax muscle tissue on a neuromuscular level and help break harmful patterns of movement. Combined with massage therapy, PROM is a relaxing and therapeutic experience. It is an appropriate treatment for stress, muscle tension, post work out pain, issues with range of motion and flexibility and a variety of pathologies.

The assessment process is a series of passive and active movement based tests that are designed to provide insight pertaining to the use and functionality of your muscles and joints. The information revealed during this process is then used to create a treatment plan, unique to you, to help ensure that your joints and muscles function at maximum capacity. 60 minute session: massage only. 90 minute session: assessment plus massage.

Deep Heat Massage

With the use of a hydrocollator, heating pads are brought to steamy 160 degrees. Hydrocollators are used in massage therapy and in chiropractic work and physical therapy. The heating pads are wrapped in a heat conducting covering and towels and are applied to specific muscle groups. Heat helps to open and relax the muscles and relax the joints; making muscle tissue more malleable and improving range of motion at joints. This allows the therapist to penetrate and manipulate muscle tissue easier and deeper and often leaves clients less sore from deeper work. In addition, the joints move easier allowing for more effective stretching and range of motion techniques.