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Healing Modalities


luz2Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that supports and promotes healing. It is administered from Practitioner to client by laying hands on, or just above, energy centers in the body, and on effected parts of the body (example: hurt shoulder, knee, etc.). Treatment induces a deep meditational state that helps to turn on one’s own natural healing processes.
Reiki is offered in many hospitals during surgery, cancer treatment, drug treatment, and to assist quicker healing after injury, trauma and other invasive medical treatments.

luz2Reiki treats the whole person’s physical, emotional and mental bodies. It works with and supports medical treatment, by relieving side effects and stresses of illness and disease. It can be effective for relaxation, pain management, reduced anxiety, all stress related illness, reduced depression; diseases related to depression, improves sleep and enhances well being.

Clients are fully clothed. Treatments are given in our massage room, in a relaxed, quiet environment.

Mayan Hands-On Healing

Luz Milagros now offers Mayan Electromagnetic Rebalancing as a healing therapy at Matrix Fitness Club.

Mayan Electromagnetic Rebalancing Is a Hands-On Energy Healing Therapy that Rebalances and energizes the 7 Chakra Systems (Energy Centers in the Body) and breaks up any dense energies held within them.



Think of it as a Chakra Tune Up!