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Nutrition & Personalized Meal Plans

nutrition personalized meal plans

At Matrix Fitness Club we realize that 90% of our members join with the goal of losing weight (body fat). We also know that exercise alone can’t over-come poor nutrition and bad eating habits. At Matrix we have implemented an easy to follow customized healthy eating plan to help achieve quick, safe and permanent results. Based on your goals, activity levels and unique characteristics our expert nutritionists will design customized meal plans with food you’ll enjoy along with healthy snacks to fight cravings and keep your metabolism burning. This is not a highly restrictive low calorie diet. Extreme dieting never works over the long term when it comes to fat loss and speeding up your metabolism. Our program educates about proper portion sizes, food selection, fighting cravings, ordering meals at a restaurant, reading labels when grocery shopping, meal preparation and all you need to know for a comprehensive lifestyle and wellness solution.

Our program is proven work best when combined with a personal training program but is also available for members and non-members who chose to work out on their own. For more information and pricing contact the club at 718-267-8989 or info