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Semi - Private Training | Faster Results in Less Time

Most people join matrix fitness club with the intention of losing weight (bodyfat) toning and firming, while increasing their self esteem. Some members achieve their goals unfortunately some don’t. We want every member to get the results they desire.

Our head have now designed a fun, effective fat loss and body shaping program so now every member can get quick,safe, and effective results. Best of all these sessions cost much less than typical one on one training!

Do You Have Limited Time To Workout?

Our workouts combine cardio, resistance training, core toning, strength training and flexibility. (no need for additional boring ab and treadmill workouts)

Burn Fat And Speed Your Metabolism!

Our total body multi joint workouts are always changing, so your workouts never get stale and your body never hits a plaeau. We combine TRX suspension trainers, kettlebells, push sleds, slam balls, slide boards, body weight exercises, and more!! All designed to re-shape your body and achieve maximum results.

We Get You Motivated, Inspired, & Challenged!

This is not your average workout. Our experienced and qualified trainers/coaches will not only put you through your workouts but will provide program design, accountability, nutritional guidance, motivation, and support in a fun, safe, and non-intimidating environment.