boxing and kickboxing program


At Matrix Fitness Club & Personal Training Center we have created a strong support team to encourage each member to reach their fitness goals. In our Boxing/Kickboxing/MMA program you will have the support of 2 coaches along with the support of your team of fellow trainees. You will burns up to 1,000 calories in an hour workout. So get ready to burn fat, speed your metabolism and build lean muscle while learning the art of self-defense.

Why are we different?

Most Boxing and MMA gyms are often intimidating and not very welcoming. At Matrix Fitness Club we have created a community-based environment with fun, effective workouts far from being intimidating. We provide you with the best Kickboxing coaching and state of the art equipment in our kickboxing studio. Our coaches have created an exciting and challenging environment to help you reach your fitness goals while focusing on the skill and technique of martial arts. While honing this skill, you will tone and shape your entire body in the fastest way.

Most clubs have only 1 instructor teaching a room of 30 people who spend an hour hitting heavy bags incorrectly. We believe in a safer and more personal approach, our kickboxing program consists of 2 highly qualified and experienced coaches and 4-6 members so you can get a KILLER workout and develop your martial arts technique.

Why is this program for you?

Matrix Fitness Club recommends this program for anyone from beginner to advanced trainee with the desire to burn fat and learn self-defense. It is a high-intensity workout, with the sole purpose of keeping your heart rate in the fat burning zone throughout the entire session. Mixing techniques from both Boxing and Muay Thai, our coaches will teach you the skill and techniques to learn proper self-defense. You will receive personalized attention in a small group using heavy bags, mitts and pads creating a really fun environment for all fitness levels.

What our members have to say about this program?

Malissa “My experience in Matrix’s Kickboxing program has been game-changing. I have had personal training at other gyms for years and never achieved the results I have now. With the support and encouragement I receive from Coaches Herv and Steve, I have been able to make a complete lifestyle change. They have truly taken an interest in our wellbeing and I would 1000% recommend this program. I am proof that it is the quickest way to lose body fat and build lean muscle because of their endless support and motivation. With the combination of cardio and varied Kickboxing [techniques], the sessions never get boring and guarantees I will always lose weight from each class. Another reason I am so successful in this class is because of the group of people we work with; everyone is ready to train and has the state of mind to take their training to the next level. When surrounded by that energy, it helps push you to advanced levels.”
Jason “I prefer it because I find it challenging and it pushes me further than I would on my own. The best part of this program is the results.”
Benjamin “Small classes, thorough teachers, very in-depth. Herv and Steve are very diligent and make sure our technique is good no matter what. Good mix of cardio and technique, just the right amount of tiring. I would definitely recommend it it not only keeps you in shape, it genuinely teaches you to kickbox properly. The trainers Herv and Steve are very dedicated, encouraging and challenging!”

Is it cost effective?

We are devoted to creating life-changing stories. We believe that transforming your lifestyle and body brings the most value to each member experiencing our programs. In our kickboxing program you will receive personalized attention from two experienced coaches and have tons of fun while transforming your body. The best part is that we offer a boutique experience in the convenience of your fitness club for a fraction of the price.


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