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What to expect for your success session


Did you know that only 5% of people who join a health club actually get the results they desire? This is because most people enroll in a health club without a specific goal in mind or if they do, they don't have a planned strategy to reach their goals. 

The GOOD NEWS is 80% of those who set a specific goal and have a individualized custom plan achieve the results they desire. This is where the Matrix Fitness training staff can help. 

Know your Health & Risks

Our training manager will review your exercise history,current fitness goals, health history,and if you have any past or current injuries.With the help of VFP software we will calculate your chronological age against 7 health factors to determine your true internal health age as well as any health risks.

Visualize the New You

Using VFP software you will be able to view a 3-D computerized image of your current body and what you will look like when you reach your goals.(Before and after)

Your trainer will then take you onto the workout floor for an educational and informative workout. You will get sweaty but the workout will not be to difficult.

The Plan

Your trainer will then provide you with nutritional and workout guidelines and strategies for success.

Motivation, accountability & safety

Personal training and proper nutrition/meal planning are the most effective ways to rapidly achieve your fitness goals. Our Matrix Fitness personal trainers will make sure this happens by providing

  • Motivation 
  • Accountability
  • Safety
  • Education
  • Exercise program progression
  • Structure
  • Accelerated RESULTS
  • Nutritional guidance and support through our Matrix nutrition and meal plan program

To schedule your Complementary Success Session (a $100 value) contact our front desk @ 718-267-8989 or by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.