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6 Week Rapid Results Program

At Matrix Fitness Club and Personal Training Center, we have designed a specialized six-week rapid results program designed to burn fat, build lean muscle and get you in the best shape of your life. Our 6-week weight loss course teaches you how to burn more calories, increase metabolism and lose weight through exercise and nutritious eating.

The Workouts are designed to be fun, supportive, challenging and constantly changing to help transform your body in only six weeks. Training consists of Tabata, a form of high-intensity interval training, resulting in rapid fat loss combined with resistance training to simultaneously tone-up and build muscle.

Our program is customized for your fitness level and goals, so our program can work for beginners or advanced trainees. Our workouts are done in a group setting which provides motivation, accountability, and camaraderie in a fun non-intimidating environment. Best of all our group training is our most affordable option.

To optimize your results we will also include at no additional cost, our custom meal plan, and nutrition program along with regular discussions about nutrition over 12 small group training sessions. Topics discussed include how to order in a restaurant, how to read nutrition labels, food portioning and food preparation. Our healthy meal plans and recipes encourage lifestyle change.

The objective is to see improvements in body weight, body composition, strength, endurance, and posture. Most members find this program to be the perfect launch to their long-term goals!

Rapid Results yields immediate and lasting results, especially to those new to fitness. During the six weeks, the effects of Rapid Results training are similar to that of clients that have trained for twelve months or more. Your trainer is a weight-loss expert, who combines strength and high-intensity training with a personalized meal plan. When followed, it is guaranteed to yield results! Are you ready to start your weight-loss journey with us?

For pricing and start dates contact us at [email protected] or (718) 267-8989.