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21 Day Shred

Discover how to transform your body

21-Day Shred was designed to maximize results in just 3 weeks. It is a jumpstart to:

• Bust through a plateau
• Increase your energy
• Jumpstart your metabolism
• Learn healthier habits
• Perform results-producing workouts that get you twice the results in half the time

What does this program consist of?

By combining strength training with high intensity exercises in short bursts and balancing your eating habits, you will burn fat and shave inches off your body in just 21 days.

This is a jumpstart program for those who are looking to make a lifestyle change. For those of you who already include training in their daily routine, this program will take you to the next level. By working with our members throughout the years, we have discovered the key to sustained weight loss success. It’s a tried and true formula including an easy to follow nutrition program and the perfect combination of cardio and strength training to help people just like you shed unwanted pounds and have the lean body they’ve always wanted.

Imagine how much better you could feel in as little as 21 days.

• Do you suffer from low energy and fatigue?
• Are you tired of dieting and not seeing the results you want?
• Does your metabolism need a boost or have you reached a weight-loss plateau?
• Do you have an upcoming special event and need to lose an extra 10-20 pounds?

Your 21-Day Fat Shredder Program includes:

• 9 x 30 min semi-private personal training sessions
• 21 day meal plan & nutrition programming
• Program is led by our Nationally Certified Personal Trainer & Weight-loss Specialist
• Results
• Accountability with weekly measurements
• Motivation

Are you ready to dedicate the next 21 days to burning as much fat as you can?

What members have to say:

“I have more energy than when I was 20 years old.”
-Peter M.

“I lost 11 pounds in this program and continued to lose 22 additional pounds with my continued workouts.” -Eleni P.

“After having two kids, I never thought I’d see my abs, now I look forward to beach weather!” Maria T.

There are literally thousands of diet and exercise programs out there that only work for a handful of people. We’ve seen enough of them to know that guarantees of results cannot be promised. That is until now, the 21-Day Shred Program works and the results speak for themselves. Don’t miss your chance. Reserve your spot today!