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Personal & Semi-Private Training

What can a matrix personal trainer do for you?

Most members join our club with a specific goal in mind. It may be to lose weight, tighten up your stomach or just feel better and energized. A nationally certified personal trainer will become your personal coach. Their only job is to get you in shape in the shortest time possible while you have the most fun you can working out in a health club.

Benefits of Personal Training

Matrix Fitness Club & Personal Training Center has developed a training system called (The Matrix Training System). MTS is a system based on raising your metabolic rate with counter acting joint actions which leave you strong and balanced. Our trainers are not number counters, they are specialized fitness professionals. Based on your initial evaluation a trainer will create individualized programs that are fun to perform, effective and always changing.

Trainers will take you through a detailed 3 cycle system of strength and conditioning, balance and coordination, and sports specific training. When the cycles are completed, you’ll return to cycle one but at an advanced level. You’ll continue to go through the cycles but at higher levels, so results continue steadily and maximum fitness will be attained.

Matrix trainers use a wide range of functional exercises that include bodyweight, resistance bands, medicine balls, balance boards, bosu balls, logs, obstacle courses, boxing, plyometrics, metabolic circuits, dumbbells barbells and kettlebells to give you the challenge your mind and body desire.

The Matrix Training System will help you burn fat, keep it off and achieve the body you desire!

Personal Training Consultation Complimentary Personal Training Consultation

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