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Margarita P.


For one to say you have achieved your goal in fitness is ignorance. I started my journey at Matrix fitness club in 2009 after a mentally abusive relationship. After six months of working out I met Herv, one of the best trainers Matrix had to offer.

Carlos R.

So proud of Matrix member, Carlos’ transformation. Our members get results through hard work and dedication. Carlos made healthful habits part of his lifestyle. The first pic is Carlos at 300 pounds 3 years ago. The second one is at 210 pounds a couple of days ago. Carlos had his ups and downs along the way; he lost the weight and gained it all back, but now is at a steady pace and determined to improve.

Antonio D.

Today is the 1 yr anniversary of the day I [Antonio Decaro] decided to change my life forever and go for my weight loss surgery. Just so you people know, the surgery isn’t an answer but a tool.

Damaris D.

My name is Damaris Diaz. I am 39, married with 3 kids.

I started working out at Matrix about 9 years ago after having my 2nd child. I knew that I was getting older and had to take care of my body.

Eleni K.

I started my journey with my boyfriend here at Matrix Fitness. As you see here we both had a lot of work that needed to be done. We pushed each other. I can’t say it was easy but I can say Matrix made it easier. From waking up at 5am to do fasted cardio and returning to the gym in the evening. It was well worth it. Everyone is friendly here, including management, front desk and personal trainers. They are all very helpful and this is an extremely clean gym. I am currently writing this in the sauna after killing a great leg day workout. If you are looking to join, don’t think twice. DO IT, you won’t find another gym that makes you feel more comfortable than Matrix. Once you start feeling comfortable in a gym you are able to do everything that theses social media fitness people do. You’ll feel confident and healthy. I can promise you that. Come in and ask for Allison, Jerry, Irfan or Noura, they are THE BEST!

Carlos S.

I joined a matrix in 2017 when I weighed 245lbs, my body fat was over 30%. I worked out most days for about a year. With the encouragement of Matrix Fitness staff and members, I was able to gain about 10-15 pounds of muscle and now I am under 18% body fat.  I’ve never felt better.


It has been a great transformation working with my trainer, Hisham! We’ve come a long way and I’m very happy with my progress in strength, endurance, and muscle growth. Matrix Fitness team had provided me with the support and platform to morph my lifestyle and help achieve my fitness goals, especially with my demanding job schedule. Hisham’s flexibility, advice, and personally tailored program has been instrumental in my transformation and I look forward to see the continued achievements over the next year. Matrix provides a great environment to foster a strong fitness lifestyle and bolster increased commitment and success.


I started working out at Matrix Fitness Club pretty much the day it opened back up after the pandemic. I was so happy to get back to the gym since I regained some weight during the pandemic. I lost over 70lbs in my early 20’s through diet and exercise.

Matrix Fitness Club had everything I needed to drop those pandie pounds and get back on track. I really like the good mix of traditional bodybuilding machines and resistance machines. Since I did CrossFit for years it is nice to still be able to work in more functional training with the large amount of space, kettle bells and plenty of cardio options too.

So excited that I was able to drop enough weight to be in a good place to get a tummy tuck and have my loose skin removed! I finally feel I have a body that better reflects my effort in the gym! I know Matrix will be a great place to continue my fitness journey post-op!


  • I have been a member for several years now and Matrix has become like a second home to me. All of the management are extremely knowledgeable and friendly (Allison especially) and I have developed great relations with several of the staff.

    Nicholas L.
  • Love this gym! I rejoined recently and am very happy with the group training. Very reasonable prices. I find the instructors very positive and energetic.

  • So I really love this gym. Got a great vibe. Lots of well maintained equipment, and there is always somebody cleaning… I never have to wait even during prime time. The staff always says hello and is friendly… I just love matrix gym

    Ed C.

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