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One-on-One Training

We are now also offering virtual training.

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One-on-one training is designed to target each member’s specific goals and needs. The core principle of this program is to ensure you reach your maximum potential in a safe and efficient way. Whether your focus is sports specific, weight-loss, injury rehab, injury prevention or the desire to be in the best shape of your life, our coaches will get you there using a variety of methods for the most well-rounded program.

Training Session Guidelines

·         Wipe your designated equipment before and after your session.

·         Wear masks at all times.

·         Keep 6ft distance from fellow members.

·         Hand sanitizing and cleaning stations throughout the club for members to use before and after each use of equipment or station.

·         Bring your own water.

·         Bring your own mat.

·         Bring your own towel.