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Personal Trainer / Massage Therapist



● Matrix’s Group Fitness Director

● ACE Certified Personal Trainer

● ACE Group Fitness Instructor

● Yoga Fit Level 1

● Certified IntenSati Leader

● Indoor Cycling Experience – ICE Certified Instructor

● Reiki practitioner

● Mayan Energy Healing

● Shamanic Arts

● NYS Licensed Massage Therapist


Luz has been working in the fitness industry since age 18. Her career spans over 30 years. Throughout her career she has watched new trends come and go, but strength training has remained a constant, and it is the foundation for all movement. Luz teaches the foundations of strength, and then builds endurance, agility and fluidity. “I believe the body has an innate intelligence and a tremendous ability to heal itself if you listen to it. The body has the capacity to grow stronger at any age and at any level of fitness. I teach my clients to direct their focus, their breath, and to love,respect, and listen to their bodies. As you practice good form, with repetition and conscious awareness you begin to move with strength, grace and fluidity.” Luz is also a licensed massage therapist. She uses a learned and intuitive approach to massage therapy. “I learned many techniques; Swedish, Myofascial, Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Sports, Maori, Cherokee, etc. When I get a client on my table, I assess the tissue and it tells me what it needs. Although someone shoulders may need Deep Tissue, their back may need Neuromuscular or Myofascial. It is truly an art form like healing or medicine. One must be able to read the energy of the whole person to decide a plan of action.”

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